4 Signs Your Steel Roof Might Need Repair Work

Posted on: 6 September 2022


Steel roofs are popular throughout Australia thanks to their high durability, low maintenance needs and attractive aesthetic qualities, but even the toughest of steel roofs can require repairs. Despite needing very little maintenance, anything from high winds to heavy hail to poor installation methods can cause issues with a steel roof, and any such issues need to be addressed as soon as possible to minimize repair costs and reduce the chance of further property damage.

With that in mind, make sure you watch out for these 4 common signs a steel roof needs to be repaired.

1. Tears Or Holes

The most obvious sign something is wrong with your steel roof is also usually the most serious. If you notice any kind of tear or puncture, your roof definitely requires attention since it will no longer be able to keep out things like rainwater and roving animals. You can caulk a small hole, but this is only a very temporary fix. Keep in mind that even a small hole or tear can result in serious internal water damage, so it's best to contact a roofing repair professional as soon as possible.

2. Colour Changes

Any colour changes across your steel roof could indicate corrosion, and even if you apply a coating over it, that doesn't mean the issue is fixed. Colour changes are often most obvious when they affect a steel roof's paint, which can be damaged by anything from fluctuating temperatures to falling debris. Paint discolouration may be caused by something less serious than corrosion, but it's always worth having the issue checked.

3. Loose Or Lifted Fasteners

Over time, changes in temperature that cause your steel roof to contract and expand can eventually cause screws and other fasteners to loosen or lift. This can pull seams apart, which can in turn allow water to seep into your property. If fasteners appear to be lifted or loose, your roof requires attention. If caught early, repair work will probably only involve tightening those fastenings, but things can get far more serious if you ignore the problem.

4. Signs Of Warping

Finally, pay attention to any signs your steel roof has warped. This can often be noticeable after rain if small pools have collected where they didn't before, but you will sometimes be able to notice a slight warping even without that indication. A warped steel roof is a serious issue, so this is something you should have inspected without delay.