5 Benefits of PVC Downpipes

Posted on: 7 December 2021


Downpipes perform the vital function of allowing rainwater to drain from the guttering that borders your roof to the ground. Traditionally, downpipes have been made of metal, but today PVC is a more popular material. Here are five reasons why PVC is the ideal material for downpipes.

1. Lightweight and Easy To Install

One of the biggest advantages of plastic downpipes is that they are lightweight. As a result, they are easy to move into position, which means that labour costs associated with installation are low. The lighter weight of plastic downpipes also means that they use less energy during their transport, which is a benefit for the environment.

2. Durable

Plastic guttering is not susceptible to rust, which affects old-fashioned iron downpipes. It is also less likely to become scratched or blemished, keeping a consistent appearance over many years. The only problem is that PVC can become brittle over many years of sun exposure, which means that the downpipe will eventually need to be replaced. However, the lifespan of PVC downpipes is comparable to that of metal downpipes in many cases.

3. Flexible Design Options

PVC drainpipes are available in a very wide range of colours and appearances. Many people have chosen cast iron gutters over the years because they prefer the way they look, but there are styles of PVC downpipes that closely resemble cast iron. PVC downpipes can come in almost any colour, which allows you to give your home whatever appearance you prefer.

4. Repairs Are Easy

As metal downpipes decline in popularity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of parts to repair them if they are damaged by a storm or the effects of age. PVC downpipes are popular, and their parts, such as gutter brackets and fixings, are always widely available. If you need repairs to your downpipe or the guttering to which it attaches, then the process will be much more straightforward if your downpipe is made of PVC than if it is made from cast iron. Labour costs of repair are also low as PVC guttering parts are designed to be easy to fit together.

5. Lower Cost

PVC drainpipes are often lower in cost than their iron or aluminium alternatives. Although there are a couple of situations where you might need to use iron or aluminium when restoring a historic building, in general, PVC drainpipes are the best choice.