• 4 Signs Your Steel Roof Might Need Repair Work

    Steel roofs are popular throughout Australia thanks to their high durability, low maintenance needs and attractive aesthetic qualities, but even the toughest of steel roofs can require repairs. Despite needing very little maintenance, anything from high winds to heavy hail to poor installation methods can cause issues with a steel roof, and any such issues need to be addressed as soon as possible to minimize repair costs and reduce the chance of further property damage.
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  • Is Your Metal Roof Sweating?

    Metal roofing remains a favourite among Australian homeowners, and this can be credited to several reasons. To begin with, this material is ideally suited for Australia's tropical climate, as it is highly reflective. Thus, if you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, you likely will choose a light-coloured metal roof to deflect the sun's sweltering rays. Secondly, metal roofing supplies are available in varying fire ratings, which is great for individuals living in locations vulnerable to occasional bush fires.
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