Repairing Damaged Slate Roofing

Posted on: 7 April 2021


If the slate roof on your property is damaged, you may be looking for info about how a roofing contractor can help you. A professional should be summoned for the job because it is difficult to work on this type of material. This is a procedure that they follow when restoring a damaged slate surface.

Cleaning the roof

The first step a contractor will take when restoring the slate roof is to clean it with water, which can either come from a hose or buckets, depending on how large an area has been affected. They will then remove any plant matter such as moss, lichen or rust stains from the surface using a wire brush. 

Inspecting the roof

The next step is to give a thorough inspection of all the slate tiles as well as all parts that are exposed above the roofline. Some areas may already be damaged without showing any visible signs.

Removing old or damaged slate

Slate shingles can get damaged by high winds, hail, and rainfall. They are also prone to wear and tear which may lead to cracks. The second step is to repair any damaged areas. This is done by removing the old slate from the roof with a hammer and chisel. The damaged area is then prepared, cleaned and resealed with a waterproofing agent.

Replacing damaged tiles

The third step is to replace the damaged slates. These new pieces are then cut out with a hammer and chisel, making sure they fit correctly into place as they are laid onto the roof in their correct location. The edges of the slate should be cut in order to make sure they can fit perfectly with each other. The edges of the slate should fit with each other snugly so no leaks could occur. The cutting should have uniform measurements and should be done at an angle for better fitting.

Applying sealant to the roof

After the old slate has been removed, the roof is prepared by sealing it with a waterproofing sealant, which is applied to the surface with a brush. The sealant will protect the roof from damage caused by heavy rain, pollution and bird droppings.

If you would like further advice and information, you should make contact with a local roof restoration contractor. They will be happy to assess the condition of your roof so they can provide a quote for the work needed.