Reasons to Undergo a Roof Replacement

Posted on: 29 December 2020


One investment that will generate many different benefits for you and your home is a roof replacement. Not only will such an upgrade improve a building's integrity, but it will also beautify the facade. Consider the following reasons to undergo a roof replacement project for your home. 

Transform the Kerb Appeal

Replacing the roof provides you with the chance to transform the kerb view by changing the roofing material. For example, you could replace tiles with sleek corrugated metal sheets, available in beautiful muted hues. Or you could go the reverse route and switch from metal to tiles. Just bear in mind that tiles — both concrete and terracotta — typically weigh more than metal, so the building may require buttressing to carry the heavier cladding. Experts can assess the structure for you beforehand. 

Because the roof covers such a vast area, a material change will greatly impact the facade of your home. You'll also have the freedom to revamp the roof's colour. You could match the new top to the window trim or create a stronger contrast with the external walls. If you're planning to restore or repaint the wall cladding, you could pick a new roof colour with that in mind.

Waterproof Your Home

When contractors install new roofing, you can be sure that the structure is watertight. If the old roof was leaking water, the moisture might have damaged the timber beams, rafters and battens underneath. Plus, rain may have rotted the ceiling plaster and insulation, triggering a mould infestation. 

Contractors can overlay a restored roof frame with protective sarking and waterproof the roof cladding with a membrane, so you can be sure that your home is safe from destructive moisture. Plus, they'll check and replace any rusting or sagging guttering that is allowing rainwater to pour down external walls, leaving them damp and rotting.

Create an Energy-Efficient Home

Replacing your roof can also make the building more energy efficient. Leaky cladding allows outdoor air to penetrate the roof cavity. Then, only a thin layer of ceiling plaster blocks the outside temperature from your home.

With sound and secure cladding in place, your home will be effectively sealed from the outside, forming a more energy-efficient dwelling. Plus, builders can dress the cladding in reflective coatings that bounce solar radiation away, keeping the underneath rooms cooler and allowing you to turn down the air conditioning.

Enhance the Building's Selling Power

If you're considering selling, a roof replacement will likely tempt many buyers. First, they'll know that it's structurally sound. And the new, fresh facade will likely draw more people inside. Conversely, old, rusty metal sheeting, hanging guttering, and missing tiles could potentially turn many buyers away.