Noise-Reducing Insulation for New Metal Roofing: How to Make Your Home Peaceful and Quiet

Posted on: 21 September 2016


If you're considering installing colorbond roofing or another type of metal roofing, there's something you need to consider. This roofing can make your home look beautiful and can increase its value, but it can also create an increased level of noise in your home. The sound of rain on metal roofing can be rather pleasant, although perhaps not when you're trying to sleep during a downpour. You might also live in an area where possums tend to visit your roof, and their noise can be amplified by metal roofing. It's not so difficult to reduce noise levels in your home when you install metal roofing, just so long as you take the opportunity to upgrade your insulation. The company that is installing your roofing will be able to take care of it for you. So what are your options?

Insulation for Noise Reduction

This type of insulation should be installed at the same time as your new metal roofing. It sits directly underneath your roofing and operates much like traditional insulation with a few key differences. It resembles a rolled-up blanket and is essentially rolled over the area to be covered and then cut to size. This means the insulation is of a much higher density than traditional insulation which is installed as bundles packed into place. This type of blanket insulation effectively creates a solid barrier, dampening any sounds emanating from your roof. You have a couple of options with this blanket-type of high density insulation.

1. No Laminate. This is the most cost-effective option and involves the insulation being installed without a foil laminate.

2. Foil Laminate Covering. This means that the insulation is covered with a layer of foil laminate. This increases the noise-reducing capabilities of the insulation and also acts as a vapour barrier. This prevents condensation from forming on the underside of the metal roofing. Prolonged condensation can cause discolouration and eventual damage when it comes to metal roofing. This foil laminate can prolong the life of your metal roof.

Extra Protection

An added layer of protection can be installed inside your home. This involves the plasterboard in your ceiling being replaced with high density acoustic rated plasterboard, which will act as a dampener for any noise originating from your roof. This does not need to be installed at the same time as your noise-reducing ceiling insulation, so it can certainly be added at a later stage if you desire additional soundproofing.

Metal roofing can be a beautiful addition to your home, but it can be worthwhile to add insulation to make your home as quiet and peaceful as possible.