The Best Roofing Systems to Save You Money

Posted on: 12 February 2016


Choosing a suitable roofing system for your commercial building can quite be a challenge. Modern roofing systems have been evolved from the traditional roofing styles to meet today's changing business environment. This article should guide you on the four of the most effective roofing systems that are in use. You can weigh the benefits of each and find the one that suitably fits on your building.

PVC Single-Ply roofing system

This roofing system is widely used for covering and protecting flat roofing particularly industrial buildings. PVC roofing is well-known for its strength and durability whose lifespan extends up to thirty years if well-maintained. In addition, PVC roofing is fire and heat resistant due to its specially made cooling feature that can withstand long periods of extreme heat in hot weather. Its highly-reflective white surface also efficiently counteracts the sun's heat to keeping the building's interior cool.

Thermoplastic roofing system (TPO)

These are made of durable materials with a low-temperature suppleness and a high-temperature tolerance. TPO roofs have a lifespan of more than 20 years making them an ideal roofing material for your building. Their insulation layer helps to reflect off the sun's heat to cool the building and also resistant of chemical exposure and damage which saves you on maintenance costs. They are also fully recyclable making them environmentally friendly.

EPDM roofing system

This a quality rubber roofing membrane that is ideal for low slope commercial facilities, i.e., malls, supermarkets, halls, etc. They are regarded as having the best long term performance which reduces the need for re-roofing. They are also well known for being durable and versatile. The fact that they are a lot easier to install, maintain and repair than the rest of other commercial roofing systems has made them a top choice for buildings owners. Other major benefits are being environmentally friendly, strong wind-uplift resistance, UV heat and hail resistance and being cost effective both in installation and maintenance.

Green Roofing systems

Most popular among these are the sedum flat roofs that partially or completely cover the building's roof with vegetation and soil planted over the roof's waterproofing membrane. The main benefits are reduced energy and maintenance costs, long roof life which protects against the sun's heat and weather damage, cooling the building in summer and insulation in winter. All these benefits make the roofing system eco-friendly.

Choosing the best fitting roofing system for your commercial building largely depends on common factors such as the nature of your business, the geographical location (if its climate is  too hot or cold), the costs, strength and the durability of the roofing materials. From the above information you can observe that most modern roofing systems are made to last for a very long time. So choose the system that best blends with your long-term business interests.

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