Metal Roofing: Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

Posted on: 22 June 2015


A prolonged lifespan is one of the primary advantages of choosing to install residential metal roofing. However, you must carry out regular maintenance work to prevent accelerated wear and tear of the surface. Moreover, proper care and usage will help in preserving the aesthetic appeal of the roof and, subsequently, the entire home. Here are some simple tips on promoting the longevity of metal roofing.

Clean the Roof

You should blow off or sweep the roof regularly to prevent accumulation of debris. Leaves, twigs and small branches will exert weight on the surface and cause unnecessary strain on the structure. In addition, the material will allow water retention, which will induce rusting on metal roofs with iron content and encourage fungal growth. The most ideal way to clean the roof is to use an extendable soft-bristled brush. This will allow you to pull debris from the roof without damaging the finishing. You should also clear the gutters at least annually to prevent build-up of waste. This will allow the roof to dry quickly after rainfall because of the improved, quick drainage.

Use Identical Metals

Extensive repairs will be necessary if your roof sustains significant damage, particularly during inclement weather. You may have to replace entire portions of the roofing material to restore the function and performance of the feature. It is important for you to install metal material which is identical to the existing surface. If different types of metal are used together, they may have an adverse interaction that will be costly to repair. For example, copper roofs cannot be repaired with aluminum or galvanized steel panels because their interaction causes corrosion.

Mitigate Damage from Trees

If you have trees in close proximity to your residential structure, keep them trimmed to prevent roof damage. The constant abrasion resulting from the consistent contact between the branches and the surface will scrape the finish. This will expose the internal metal surface to water, and consequently, your roof will become rusted. In addition, if the weather is extremely windy or stormy, the branches might break and cause real structural damage. This will necessitate repair and even replacement, which is more costly than hiring a trimming company.

Limit Foot Traffic

You should avoid standing or walking on a metal roof, because the material cannot withstand high pressure. The surface will not break, but the weight can cause dents, which will ruin aesthetics and cause water pooling. If you must step on the surface, step on the areas with the horizontal roof support structures.

For more information, contact metal roofing contractors in your area.