What To Expect During A Roof Restoration

Posted on: 15 June 2015


If your roof is in bad shape, you can opt to have a roof restoration done, instead of undertaking a complete re-roof. A roof restoration service is much cheaper and will take less time to facilitate. Unlike a re-roof, your current roofing will not be taken out so your home will remain protected at all times.

Through a roof restoration, you can bring back the integrity of your roof, as well as its looks. Here's what you can expect from a roof restoration service:

Roof inspection & repairs

First, the roof restoration team will go over your roof, checking its condition as well as the areas that need repairs. During the inspection, they will check for damaged roof tiles, broken ridges, damaged flashing and rusted valleys or guttering.

After the inspection, any noted damage will be corrected. Damaged roof tiles will be replaced and the flashing will be re-done to prevent moisture penetration. Loose ridges will be laid on fresh bedding and pointed as well. Gutters and valleys will be rust-treated, or replaced if already rusted. Any broken areas will be sealed with silicone sealers to prevent drainage leaks.

Roof and gutter cleaning

Once the repairs are done, your roof will be thoroughly cleaned using pressure washers. This will remove dust, stains, mold, algae and other forms of dirt. The blasting service will also get rid of loose tile particles that might end up blocking your gutters. Your gutters too will be water blasted to clean them up and ensure faster drainage and cleaner rainwater collection. Once done, your roof will be left to dry.

Tile painting and sealing

Finally, your roof will be painted afresh with a weather-friendly paint color of your choice. Painting can either restore the original look of your tiling, or it can be used to give your roof a complete new look.

This will depend in the colors you choose. Painting your roof also makes it stand out, improving your home's curb appeal and value.

After painting, a tile sealer will be applied over the painted or unpainted surface. Sealing your roof protects the tiles from oxidation and prevents moisture penetration. A glossy seal will also accentuate the paintwork and give your roof a shiny appearance.

On average, the restoration process takes 2-3 days. Once done, your roof will look as good as new. Your restored roof will offer improved moisture and thermal protection for many years to come. You will also have saved a lot of money compared to getting a re-roof service. To learn more, contact a company like Ultimate Roofing and Guttering.