How To Achieve Energy Efficiency With Your Roofing Choice

Posted on: 24 March 2015


Thanks to recent innovations in the roofing industry, many people can now have green roofs over their heads. Better still, enhancing the energy efficiency of your roofing does not have to be expensive. Here are a few upgrades on your existing roof that will help achieve overall energy efficiency.

Cool Roofs

Lighter in shade than conventional asphalt shingles, cool roofs generally deflect both light and heat energy away from the roofs surface instead of absorbing them. This is referred to as the albedo effect, and it can create huge energy savings for you when you simply lighten the colour of your roof. It also increases comfort inside the home. The easiest means to cool your roof is to have a professional roofer install a cool roof coating on top of your existing roof. Alternatively, if you want to take the reroofing option, consider the option of replacing your existing roof with a lighter-coloured version.

Insulation From Underneath

Roofs are considered your HVAC system's worst nightmare. A roof without insulation puts much pressure on the air conditioning system during hot temperatures and this leads to high energy bills. On the other hand, a well-insulated roof can significantly reduce your cooling and heating demands, along with your energy bill and your abode's emissions. Some of the roof insulation materials available to homeowners include advanced solutions, such as home foam insulation and cellulose insulation, as well as standard options, such as cotton battling and fibreglass insulation.

If you have an open beam roof, consider the option of a radiant barrier. This reflective film encircles the beams and deflects heat away instead of absorbing it. Regardless of the type of insulating material you opt for, allowing an air space amid the insulation and the roofing is often an excellent idea. As professional roofers will agree, an air space prevents humidity from being trapped inside the roof or the insulation material, which may lead to mould or mildew growth.

New Roof Considerations

Alternatively, another option is to have a professional roofer remove your existing roof and install a Colourbond roof replacement due to its excellent insulating attributes. This type of green roof is available in a selection of lighter colours like white and thus is able to reflect light and heat away from the roof's surface. This means that the roof from the onset absorbs less heat. Furthermore, its low thermal mass ensures that once the sun goes down, any form of heat energy that was absorbed during the day by the roof is quickly emitted, which means the roof is able to cool down in the shortest time possible.

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